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The Privacy Policy of

1) We Purchase Email Addresses From National E-Mail List Providers and Use Them For Our Own Campaigns.

2) We ONLY Send Our Own Material.

3) We NEVER Sell or Otherwise Provide ANY Email Addresses to Anyone.

4) All Replies to Our Bulk Emails Are Automatically Treated as Remove Requests.

5) Requests Sent To The UNSUBSCRIBE Link In Each Mail are Removed From Our List, And Read By A Person.

6) If You Have Received an E-Mail From Us, Either You Signed Up Directly With Us, or We Purchased Your Email From A List Provider.

7) At Your Request We Will Always Provide The Name of The Provider From Which We Purchased Your E-Mail Address, If It Was Purchased.

8) All Removal Requests are Honored and are Permanent Removals.

9) We Prefer That You Set Up A Free E-Mail Account With Yahoo, GMail or HotMail, Specifically For Communicating With Us.

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