In The Remaining Weeks up to The Election,

Every Monday I Will be Sending Out an E-Mail Broadcast

On The Following Subjects:

Week 1:

24 September 2012

This Campaign:

E-Mail -- How did I get your E-Mail Address?

Qualifications -- My Qualifications.

Week 2:

01 October 2012

Constitutional Law:

A brief discussion of the protections afforded to you by the Arizona Constitution,

and the Constitution of The United States of America.

Week 3:

08 October 2012

Hearing Complaints...

Got a complaint? Tell Me About it At Fire A

Week 4:

15 October 2012


A list of individuals for whom public arrest warrants will issue under my administration.

Week 5:

22 October 2012

Florida v. Jardines:

I filed an Amicus Brief... Will the Supreme Court Read it?

Week 6:

29 October 2012


Some inventions that may be relevant to Arizona.

Week 7:

05 November 2012

Wrapup Before Election Time...

As I add new email addresses to the list, I will additionally send whatever broadcasts have been missed. In addition these broadcasts will be published at Fire

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Week 1: 24 September 2012

This Campaign...

I am campaigning as the Write-In candidate for Sheriff of Maricopa County. It is too late now to collect signatures to be put on the ballot, and I am lucky enough in the current economic circumstances to have a paying job, and I plan on hanging on to it tooth and nail, right up until inauguration day. So this campaign will be by email.

How did I get your E-Mail address?

I purchased a list from a provider on the internet. They obtained it (typically) when you purchased, or signed up for something on the internet, and did not deselect the "Notify Me" option. Upon request I will provide the name of the E-Mail list providers I use.


1) More than 30 years in the private sector as an employee and Individual business person.

2) Never turned to a career in government to subsidize my existence.

3) Make as much money as Joe Arpaio, but not as a virtue of a government salary, but my own merit.

4) Been to prison in Arizona.

5) Spent 17 Months in Maricopa County jail. I have seen the filth!

No one can tell you who for whom to vote! Write me in.

You can call me live on the on the air Wednesday nights from 7-8 PM during my radio broadcast, "The Al Morningwood Show", on KFNX AM Radio 1100, Your Independent Talk Station. Call 602-277-KFNX, or 1-866-536-1100.

I am paying for this campaign out of pocket. A list of approximately a half-million usable email addresses costs around $500.00, so not surprisingly I am contacting you this way. I would certainly appreciate any donations that you can give, and even if I do not get elected, I will use them to foster the efforts of Fire


Mr. Piero A. Bugoni,

Write-In Candidate for Sheriff,

Maricopa County Arizona.