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On The Following Subjects:

Week 1:

24 September 2012

This Campaign:

E-Mail -- How did I get your E-Mail Address?

Qualifications -- My Qualifications.

Week 2:

01 October 2012

Constitutional Law:

A brief discussion of the protections afforded to you by the Arizona Constitution,

and the Constitution of The United States of America.

Week 3:

08 October 2012

Hearing Complaints...

Got a complaint? Tell Me About it At Fire A

Week 4:

15 October 2012


A list of individuals for whom public arrest warrants will issue under my administration.

Week 5:

22 October 2012

Florida v. Jardines:

I filed an Amicus Brief... Will the Supreme Court Read it?

Week 6:

29 October 2012


Some inventions that may be relevant to Arizona.

Week 7:

05 November 2012

Wrapup Before Election Time...

As I add new email addresses to the list, I will additionally send whatever broadcasts have been missed. In addition these broadcasts will be published at Fire

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Week 3: 08 October 2012

Hearing Complaints...

The Consitution of The State of Arizona, and The Constitution of The United States of America Protect Your Liberty. They Are The Supreme Law of The Land In Arizona. Simple as That.

Unfortunately, Far Too Many Officers for Profit of The State of Arizona, (i.e. police officers, and other non-elected state employees), Have No Concern Much Less Respect For That Law.

For This Reason, I have Put Together A Website Called: Fire A

This Website Is For The Purpose of Helping You Get police officers Fired, and Prohibiting Them From Ever Holding Public Employment Again. In Addition, One Can Demand A Refund To The State of All Wages, Earnings, And Benefits Paid To The Individual Officer.

What Better Way To Get A Tax Refund Than To Take It Out Of The Pocket of Some Corrupt, Worthless, Violent, or Abusive Public Employee? After All, They Took It From You...

Ultimately The Malice These individuals Engage In Is A Product of Their Public Employment. Removing That Privilege Constrains Them to The Same Socioeconomic Circumstances As The Rest of Us.

At Fire A, You Can Enter The Details of The Complaint Against The Officer. You Can Protect Your Anonymity By Using A Public Computer. You Can Also File A Certified Complaint When You Demand Follow Up.

When Filing A Complaint, Remember:

1) All police officers Are Trained to Lie to You, and Typically Do.

2) In All Cases a police officer is Attempting to Get You in Some Kind of Trouble Regardless of How They May Be Acting.

3) They May Be Recording The Conversation, But Usually Will Not Tell You Because in Their Mind "They Do Not Have to". (You Can Use This to Your Advantage).

4) They Have The "Delusion" That it is Their Place to Boss You Around Or Give You Orders Based On Some Other "Delusions" of Theirs.

5) In Their Mind Simply Because The Supreme Court Has Deemed it "Legal" For Them to Conduct Themselves in Ways That The Public Finds offensive, They Go Ahead and Do So. In Other Words, The Possibility of Not Acting Like a dick in The First Place Apparently Never Occured to Them.

6) The Personality of a police officer is Typically An Inadequate Failure of a Person, Who Can and Has Accomplished Nothing. (Becoming a police officer, Much Less a Career as a police officer, is Not Any Kind of Accomplishment. The Tamale Lady is More of An Accomplishment Than Any police officer). For Some Reason it Seems That Inadequate, Unaccomplished Losers Always Seem To Take it Upon Themselves to Try to Boss Others Around. They Do Not Seem to Recognize That Everyone Sees Them For What They Are. Ultimately it is The Only Thing Worthless Malevolent People Can Accomplish. It is Insulting to Every Person Who Has Ever Had to Earn Their Living in The Private Sector to Have Some Non-Productive Loser Tell Them Anything About Anything, Ever, Much Less How They Should "Be", or Act, or Speak. Actually Creating, Building, Producing, Designing, Engineering, Laboring, and Entrepreneuring, All Take Real Work, and When a Person is Doing So, They Have no Time, Much Less Need to Preoccupy Themselves With Others. Predators On The Other Hand, Will Always Seek Careers That Allow Them to Violate Others. A Person Becomes a police officer For The Same Reasons That One Particular Vile Individual Became a Football Coach, and Likewise That Child Molestors Open "Day Care" Centers. And as Such, They Will Always Interfere With The The Lives and Labors of Those Who Are Busy Producing, and Building A Life For Themself, Their Family, and This Country.

7) Predators Always Blame You For Their Conduct, or Claim That it is Because of You Somehow. You Can Always Tell a Predator, Manipulator, or Con Artist, Because Their Rationalization For Their Conduct Includes "You Said This...", or "You Did This...", or "Because You...", or "This is For Your Benefit..."

8) Likewise, When Confronted With The Wrongfulness of Their Conduct They Will Say "Well Then You Should..." This is Adeqate Provocation. No Police or Other Government officer Has Any Authority to Dictate to Any Citizen What They "Should" Do, or How They Will Conduct Themselves. Any Order That is Conceivably Lawful From a police officer is Subject to Appeal Before a Judge, Same as Any Order From a Judge. When a Person is Notified of Their Wrongful Conduct, That is Their Notice That The Conduct is Wrongful, and to Cease and Desist. When They Respond That They Have no Concern For The Harm Caused, That is "Deliberate Indifference", and An Element of Tort. When They Respond That They Intend to Continue The Wrongful Conduct, That is Malicious, or Criminal Intent. When They Respond That You Should Change Some Conduct of Yours in Order to Prevent Malicious or Unlawful Conduct From Them, That is a Threat, and Constitutes An Element of a Crime. No Police or Any Government officer Has Any Authority to Dictate to You That You Conduct Yourself in Any Way to Avoid Harassment, Malice or Crime From Them. However, Predators, and When in Government, traitors, Will Speak to You This Way.

9) police officers Produce Nothing. None of The Roads Were Built By police officers, None of The Vehicles Upon Them Were Designed, Engineered, Nor Produced By police officers. None of The Food Grown is Grown By police officers. None of The Manufactured Goods Are Produced By police officers. No Homes Are Built By police officers. No Retail Business is Performed By police officers. No Jobs That Do Not Further Involve Harassment, Usurpation, and Social Parasitia Are Created By police officers. No Burgers Are Flipped in Fast-Food Joints By police officers. No Groceries Are Bagged By police officers. No Construction Work in The Hot-As-Hell Arizona Sun is Done By police officers. The List Goes On Indefinitely. Contrary to Their Arrogance and Self-Importance, The Reality Stands.

In Addition, Fire A will Have A Civil Rights Litigation Engine, That Is, A Series of Web-Page Forms That You Can Fill In, And Will Help You Write A Lawsuit Against a police or Other government officer. I am working On That Now.

You can call me live on the on the air Wednesday nights from 7-8 PM during my radio broadcast, "The Al Morningwood Show", on KFNX AM Radio 1100, Your Independent Talk Station. Call 602-277-KFNX, or 1-866-536-1100.

I am paying for this campaign out of pocket. A list of approximately a half-million usable email addresses costs around $500.00, so not surprisingly I am contacting you this way. I would certainly appreciate any DONATIONS that you can give, and even if I do not get elected, I will use them to foster the efforts of Fire


Mr. Piero A. Bugoni,

Write-In Candidate for Sheriff,

Maricopa County Arizona.