American Travelers vs. Obama

Case Number: 2013-CV-80028-KLR

US District Court Southern District of Florida

The Original Complaint Filed With The Court.

Affidavit To Join Complaint
Download and Fill Out This Form To Join The Complaint
This form is how each and every Person can participate in this lawsuit.
Each line that you sign is something that you are swearing to the Court.
That is the reason to have it Notarized. When it is Noatarized it is a Sworn Statement.
A person can also file this form as an unsworn declaration, by skipping the notarization part.
Also, you can write your own such declaration, or affidavit, and file it in this matter.

Be sure to write your name and address at the top of the form, and where it says "Affiant Name"
and sign each statement that you wish to affirm.

The original needs to be mailed to the Court, and a copy mailed to the White House.

Keep A Copy for your records, as these will need to be mailed eventually to the American Justice Corporation.